Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things to talk reverse...
  1. Aren't the prayer rugs from Afghanistan pretty? The girls have said their prayers on them and report them to be quite comfy. Thank you David.
  2. Look at my loot!! The middle picture is filled with goodies from Julie in the Barn. She was so generous and shared some crumb blocks and crumbs and also some lovely batiks. Didn't that just brighten my day? Thank you Julie.
  3. I also got a gift box from Sarah filled with all things orange- you'll be seeing that soon enough I figure. Thank you Sarah.
  4. And my Mom sent me some really cool colors of quilting thread. I'll post that soon, too. The hot pink is too much fun. Thank you Mom.
  5. Didn't I get a lot of goodies in the mail, this week?
  6. The Wayward Fabric Club meets Tuesday at 11:30 at Sezchuan Gardens. I made some kaliedescope blocks for that occasion. Four planned and two scrappy. Just trying to see how many misspelled words I can fit in one post. I wanted to call it potpourrie but figure that's spelled wrong, too.
  7. On a more serious and painful note. Does anyone know how to dislodge a contact lens from the back of your eyeball? It is really uncomfortable. I'm thankful it isn't a misfunctioning eyeball, so things could be worse. It will eventually come out on it's own, right?


Peni said...

A contact behind your eyeball...sounds awful!!!

Lovin' the goodies and so glad they came your way. You're going down the hall singing...the Wells Fargo Wagon...:)

Isobel said...

Contacts behind (well, not actually behind, just way farther back than desired) is definitely not a laughing matter. If you have an eyewash cup, fill it with saline solution and hold it against your face and blink rapidly...sometimes that will wash it loose. Good luck.

teelduo said...

I agree with Aunt Isobel and if that doesn't work, I will poke into your eye when I get there. Gently of course. Sure hope Isobel's trick works though. Love you so and see you shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julieQ said...

Oh, I hope you get that out quickly!! So sorry, that sounds like it hurts a ton. Lovely mail this week for you...the batics are so inspiring.

Karen said...

Your kaleidoscope blocks are a treat for the eyes! And I hope you have your eye back to normal.