Saturday, June 12, 2010

This week...
Had a busy week as usual. The girls helped me get the last of the annuals planted. I stood by and handed them the flowers while they dug the holes and put them in the ground. How things have changed. It wasn't so long ago that the roles were reversed. I think I like it this way. They are such a joy to watch as they each tackle the job in their own unique way, but each with the joy of planting. I just love that.
As you can see, I got quite the birthday gift this year! The kids and I have spent countless hours just watching it go to town- all on its own. I am hoping to figure out a way to make labels with it and also to make some postcards. I don't think I will turn into one of those embroidery machine fiends- you know who you are- but I am enjoying it, nonetheless.
We had company for a couple days this week- another usual occurance. A yound friend of the boys'- Andrew. He comes from a much smaller family and I think he got along well, despite our oddities. What would a few of them be? When we clean, we see no point in doddling. We whirlwind through the job and move on to more enjoyable tasks. One minte it's a disaster and the next it is reasonably orderly. He left the room and come back in five minutes and got quite a shock. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. sigh. And we randomly quote lines from movies regardless of recognizable references. "Don't drive angry." "Inconceivable!" "Too early for flapjacks?"
The kids got to go swimming in Sandy's pool, yesterday. It was very warm-90* and so perfect weather for it. I sweated in the shade and have the tan to prove it- farmers' tan. Several of our window air conditioners were stolen from our brother in laws' barn. So it looks like I'll be sweating through the summer. bummer. Not quite as bumming as the parts they removed from his central unit.
I am sure there are several more things that happened this week, but I'll abstain from discussing my health or the weather. Potluck after worship tomorrow. Was planning to fix an apple cake, but it stuck to the pan- Abe said people would still eat it even if it was ugly. I'll have to come up with something else. Asian coleslaw and coney dogs are going. And then the visiting preacher(gospel meeting) is coming to dinner on Monday- poppyseed chicken and rolls with a salad- lemon pound cake- will get the job done. Miss my boys. and my new daughter.


Peni said...

Rejoicing with you ... I know you'll make good use of that machine!

Darcie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...tomorrow, right?! Love love love you, Nines!

Now THAT'S a birthday pressie! How fun. I can only imagine the oodles of enjoyment and beautiful things that you're going to experience with this machine! Happy happy for you!

Talk about inconceivable. Not only is thievery disgusting...but steel people's cooling devices?! Oh my...what a day of reckoning they will have. I hope that you can find a good deal on some air conditioners...soon!

Love you, sweet girl!

teelduo said...

Personally my favorite of the gifts is Abraham. Love you sweet sis.

Sarah N. said...

I wouldn't mind opening a box and finding Abe! Have fun with the new machine.

Dinner Monday night sounds yummy! I have some chicken thawing in the frig - might have to turn it into poppy seed chicken. Right now I need to go get a pot roast going so it will be ready for lunch after morning services!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish we could have our birthday day! Love you and miss you!

Lori said...


Kids and boxes--add a roll of masking tape and you have an entire day of makebelieve!

Isobel said...

What a lovely birthday gift. That makes on not mind getting another year older. Enjoy