Saturday, August 07, 2010

Funny thing...

How does a little band of velcro keep your entire arm from hurting? And how could I have tennis elbow when I haven't played tennis in 20 years? Nice to know why my arm has been hurting so much over the past month. Getting laundry out of the washer was almost impossible and even lifting my iced tea glass was uncomfortable. Sweet William was the one who thought of it- he has had it himself a time or two. Maybe I am crocheting too much. I certainly can't blame quilting as I have been doing very little of that. But I am certainly glad for the relief that a band of velcro affords- even if it is a tad scratchy.

Made some chocolate fried pies, this morning. Thought of my dear friend Donna. They weren't half bad even if I did use canned biscuits for the crust. The kids inhaled them and have made requests for another batch in the near future.

The little ones are getting ready for a grand adventure. Spending a week at Grandmother and Grandfather's. They have been packed for nearly a week- Abe packed his "Drifters" CD- so he can sing Stand By Me to grandmother. I don't know how we will get by without them, but it will be an adventure for us, also.


Donna said...

First of all, I'm glad that band gives some relief. Take it easy!! Thanks for thinking of me--I do love me some fried pies (as you obviously know, chocolate being my fav). Next time I'm up I want some, please. I know you'll miss those sweet little ones. And how funny is Abe's taste in music at his age!! I personally love the Drifters but I'm 48 and supposed to. That's another Donna request--hearing Abe sing "Stand by Me". Love you!!

Peni said...

I've had tennis elbow, and never once played. Hope the band continues to help and glad it's something so simple..."so simple" if you're not the one in pain, huh?

We're so excited about our expected visitors. But you should warn them GM doesn't know how to make fried chocolate pies.

Sarah N. said...

Yes - please share how to make fried chocolate pies! Or come to Alabama and make some for me and Donna!

Glad the band is helping your arm. I have been having pain in my heel lately - and the only way to ease it is to wear shoes in the house. Concrete foundation is hard on these old feet. Probably would help if I lost a few pounds.

The kids go back to school on Tuesday. Even though they have been gone so much this summer, I will still miss having them around. My first big plan is to clean out the hall closet so it will fit more sewing junk! Want to come help me organize?

Love you!

teelduo said...

hugs to you!!! Glad you are finding relief.

I wanna hear Abe sing!!

Darcie said...

Fried pies? Chocolate? Please, do tell!

Sorry about your arm. A friend of mine uses something that we call here "calf wrap." It's kind of a stretchy, meshy, rubbery type stuff...found in the local farm supply on small rolls. (Even comes in orange!) Friend just rips off enough to wrap a couple of times around elbow...and that's that! Not itchy at all.

Last time I donated blood, they used something like it to keep the gauze bandage on for the duration of the day.

Love and hugs!

julieQ said...

Oh, sorry for that elbow!! Hope it is all healing up by now...and of course those fried pies got inhaled! Wish I were there and I would inhale one too!

Isobel said...

One can actually have tennis elbow without playing. I used to play tennis but no tennis elbow. That came about 20 years later...I think it could more aptly be called 'repetitive motion elbow'. Mine came from painting the same items over and over. I would paint some on one, set it down and pick up the next one. I think mine could have been called 'wind chime elbow." Isn't it amazing how that little strap helps.