Monday, August 16, 2010

While the children are away...

the quilter will play. The children had a wonderful week at Grandmother and Grandfather's. I have been regaled with many a story of their time in the mountains and I am sure there will be many more stories to come. Abe is happy to be home. I think he missed his Mama. 6 years old and the baby of the house. Might need to do something about that. No, no more babies! How could you even go there? Just encourage the 6 year old to act thus. The girls seem happy to be home too, even if they do miss "the forest." And "the food." Grandmother is a better cook than I. And certainly a more prolific one.
I went to the Appleseed Quilt show in Ft. Wayne with Sandy and her friend Marsha and found some yummies. Sandy and I also hit a couple quilt shops on our way back through Ohio- it took us about 9 hours to make a 3 hour trip- had to stop and eat a couple times and then there were the quilt shops... you guys understand. So now my stash is enhanced with blues and earthtones. I need to get busy sewing because all of my tubs are overflowing. What a predicament.
I bought a little punch needle pattern and whipped up a tiny hen- think my loops are a tad long and that this isn't so much a hobby to which I could get addicted. And what's the point of having a hobby if I can't be addicted to it? Explains the whole quilting/sewing/crocheting tennis elbow thing. Lots of repetitive motion. The punch needle had that going for it, but it lacked room for...finesse. I bet John will enjoy it- I could always pass that hobby onto him. What's a mother for?


Sarah N. said...

I ran down to Columbus, GA this morning to go to Joann's. Bought only the stuff I was looking for. Then I hit the best quilt store in the area - and bought NOTHING. Too many things on the burner already!

Miss you! Glad the babies are home.

Peni said...

We're acclimating on the same page (see Teelsidemama). Glad things are yet normal enough to include a bit of gold among your blues :)

But Evie and I already decided you are a better cook than I am ... I can't even claim more experience, with a family half the size of yours.

Thanks for the loan of your angels. It was great fun. XOXOXO

Isobel said...

Good to see them go and better to see them come home....that works for both directions. Lovely fabrics...I can understand the trip stretching to 9 hours..that is because you didn't have your Uncle Gary along.