Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Heat...
Hasn't it been a hot summer? Good for my dad's tomatoes. I have had several tomato sandwiches a day for the past two weeks! Time to stop as the bloom has definitely faded... The little ones and I made salsa- does that get hotter as it sets in the jar? I thought I made a very mild batch but upon opening a jar...ouch. a tad hot. still yummy.
Took John to the free fair while all the other children were out of town. Child #5 sometimes falls in the middle and we had a great time with him. He and his Dad had a great time riding this particular ride- the Zipper. They enjoyed rocking the cage and would come off the ride dripping in sweat. We didn't stay too late at the fair- 90* at 9pm. shew. Stopped for a relaxing evening at McD's- great air conditioning.
I am making a sampler quilt from some of my stash. Need to use some of it up so that I can actually close the lids on my tubs! But I was at Sandy's, today. The last day of swimming in her pool. Anyway, that girl has some serious yardage! I have to tease her about it because we found the pattern she has been looking for- for a week- in the recipe cupboard! But hey, at least we found it! My sewing time has been spent on Bible flashcards. Almost done with a set. Already have a buyer.
Daniel- son #2- is coming home for the night. It was his birthday earlier this week. We'll be having an Apple Crisp to celebrate. Better get to it. Hope everyone is having a good week.


Peni said...

Looks like an August block to me...esp. next to those 'maters.

John doesn't look much of a child these days ... sigh. He's as handsome as he is tall. Know he had fun on his own.

Karen said...

Your quilt block looks a lot like the flower in your header photo.

Sarah N. said...

Yes it has been a nasty hot summer! I am so looking forward to fall.

Wish we could have a sewing day!

Love you!

Isobel said...

Love the block...those are my kind of colors. Hard to believe my little pen pal is so grown up.