Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Had a surprise visitor, yesterday...

My brother! David flew in during his trip home- to Georgia from Wisconsin. There is a little airstrip in the middle of a cornfield just a couple miles down the road. Of couse,everythig is in the middle of a cornfield in this part of the state. Including our home. It doesn't look too bad from a distance! It was a big thrill for all of us to get to see him flying overhead- "What's that noise?" He spent the night with us and we got to see him lift off and head on South. A very pleasant surprise.


Peni said...

Nice, nice surprise. I know he enjoyed it too! I can feel myself in the plane over your!

P.S. Really like the new orange background!

Darcie said...

How fun!!! I just love photos of the flat lands from the air. Very quiltesque. ;-)

And love the swirly gigs on your background! Sa-weet!!!

Happy weekend to you!