Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fall weather is here- clear skies and cool temps. Apple picking weather. Can you spot John near the top of the tree? Made a big pot of rabbit stew for lunch. Perfect for a cool day. What does rabbit taste like? Hmmm..... a lot like chicken, but more like turkey. In my opinion.
The art work above my ironing board. Always an inspiration. Thanks to my Aunt Isobel and the girls for that.

Ain't she sweet? Got the pattern over at... I just thought it was so... sweet. It's from some that Cheri is making up called Soot and Ashes.

See? Abe is as tall as the hemlock tree! My Dad planted these a few years ago from some given to us by Paul.

Round three! Sandy made the center block and then Mom sewed round two and I just finished round three. Now it is back at Sandy's for round four. It's getting more wonky as it goes. But still quite pretty, I think. We have only one rule and that is: no buying fabric. You can only use what is in your stash. A fun challenge. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!


Karen said...

Your round robin quilt piece is coming together nicely.

I like the fabrics you are using in Soot & Ashes. I saw the blocks on Cheri's site but have not done anything to participate. I should, especially after seeing yours.

Peni said...

I'm sure Sandy can do something about the vertical challenge of the quilt...but then round and round makes square. Lookin' fine.

Abe looks safer than John....happy apple butter.