Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Soot and Ashes...

Here is the second block by Cheri. I am loving their tiny sweetness. I usually cut one out and bag it up for some fun sewing in the evenings or mornings. What time of day do you like sewing?

I have to admit I sew just about any ole time, but my very favorite time is on a crisp morning with a pot of tea at my elbow, a little music in the background. Ah what a way to start the day! The children are doing their chores and that gives me an hour or so to completely wallow in one of my most favorite things. Then school begins and I might get some sewing in before lunch. After lunch we have our quiet time- used to be nap time when the children were smaller. Now it is reading time. For at least an hour and a half. You would think that this would be a good time to sew, wouldn't you? But the house is so quiet... too precious to interrupt with sewing machine noise. So I read or crochet, protecting the silence which is golden in a house with so many energetic children. After naps, we might spend some time outside, weather permitting. Bike riding and tire swinging. Tree climbing and playing "base"- their version of "house." Then it's dinner time and a few more chores- and maybe more time to sew. I don't usually like sewing when my sweet William is home. His desk is a long way from my sewing room in the back of a pretty big rambling farm house. But I still might do it. He'll come and get me when he needs me- how I love to hear him walk into my sanctuary and tell me he is lonely for me. How sweet to be needed. So he is off, today, and I am off to... well, I don't really know. Maybe sew a bit while he works on the roof. The kids have the day off school as well. Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy some sewing time of your own!

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Peni said...

I like the design and colors of your soot and ashes. And they're small enough to use up tidbits, aren't they?

I think your Mama likes to sew 24/7...but with you papa asleep (or at least resting), I usually forgo the pleasure until after breakfast. Seem to accomplish more during your "nap time", though.

No sewing yet today...went storing. I've been cutting my own charm blocks from Uncle Greg's fussy cut remnants....and putting the edges aside for paper piecing or crumb blocks. Guess I'll get to sew at dawn when hunting season rolls around. :)