Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Finished the string project- finally! I started making my blocks quite a while ago. It always amazes me how fast time flies by. I usually date the projects that I make from patterns in books. Did I really make that block two years ago? See? time flies. Anyway, I finished the string quilt top and I'm happy with how it turned out. I was hoping to get by without any borders and it all worked out- even though I did have to make four extra blocks at the last minute. Isn't that how it always goes?
I love boxes and bins and baskets. Keeps me somewhat organized and it is ever so pleasant to be able to just pull out a box and sit down and start sewing. When I get tired of it, I just return it to the box and put it back on the shelf to stew for a while. When I pull it back out, it's all fresh again!
The one thing I hear complaints about when it comes to strings is removing the paper backing. Well, I have a few thoughts on that. As I do on most things, huh? Well, great grandma would certainly not have bothered with removing the paper. It makes a good insulator. But I like to get the crinkly stuff off. So I sit at the couch and start ripping- throwing the scraps of paper willy nilly about the room. That is the only way to make it fun. The willy nilly part. And the kids notice what a "fun" time you are having and they can't resist begging for the privelege of making their own willy nilly mess. Bekah is particularly good with her hands and we had the entire quilt stripped of its paper foundations in about an hour. And we had fun listening to a movie and talking.
Well. now what? Dontcha just love getting a project done and the anticipation of digging into another? I really need to spend some time quilting, but I have been out of batting- gasp! shocking I know. A sad state of affairs, indeed! I quilted a couple quilts for a friend and have managed to set aside a little for a batting buy- need to organize the coupons. Then I will be quilting up a storm. Mom and I have quite a few tops that are calling for some attention. Plus there is still a client quilt in the hopper. Until then... hmmm... the possilbilities are endless.


Peni said...

Really like the willy nilly're so funny; and so smart! I'm wondering where to turn next, too. With company coming, I oughta turn to housework...but you know how it is...

Karen said...

I think your kids could make some money pulling the papers off for some of us!

Elaine Adair said...

I actually enjoy taking the paper off, but I DO use Telephone book paper. I've made a number of quilts using that paper, and the quilts are called Area code 308, etc. Also, since I live in a sparsely populated area, I often recognize names along the way! 8-))

Also, when sewing ON the paper, the lines of the names helps me keep things straight, if that's what I'm doing. And removing the paper, I make a mess just like your photo. It's easier to clean up ONE mess rather than fuss around thousands of times being neat.

What fun! Glad the kids help also.

Sarah N. said...

We have been on the same wave length even though we are 600 miles apart! Me and Mom have been working on a string quilt. Bonnie's spiderweb quilt -

I need to spend a couple hours cleaning up the sewing room. Want to come help?

Love you!