Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Abe!
He had a birthday, last week, and we are celebrating, today. Sweet William's day off. Abraham is so excited- as only a 7 year old can be. He said he is going to have a fruit theme. Pineapple, pears, grapes, oranges. Then, there's the poppyseed chicken- which I suspect his brothers put him up to. Followed by a candybar cake. We'll be taking the kids to the apple orchard just down the road, later, today. Full of fun.
Non-Triangle therapy...
The top quilt is just a weekend project. I still need to join the blocks and make the checkerboard borders. The pattern called for plaids but since I don't have any... thought batiks would do. I used up a lot of my 2" strips. Makes one realize just how much stash one has! Might need to make another one to use up the rest of the my 2" batik strips. Sub-cut to 5". Cut some more 5" blocks to go with and the blocks are pretty much done. I started this as something to do between making flying geese blocks. I need 360 of them and well, it's rather tedious. Sandy said I was doing it all wrong- should have worked a little while on each project, just to keep it more interesting and give me a break from the flying geese. I have trouble setting aside a project once I pick it up. Oh well, maybe I'll get more flying geese done, today. In between birthday clebrations.


Julie in the Barn said...

Happy Birthday, Abe. My goodness, your Momma has been sewing and crocheting up a storm. Tell her she makes me tired just trying to keep up with all her posts! Your birthday dinner sounds yummy. I'm curious about that chicken recipe.

Peni said...

Somehow those boys look more Koen-ish every passing year. A good thing. Love the smile.

Pretty quilt, too. XOXOXO

teelduo said...

Love that sweet Abe!!!

Happy Anniversary to you and Bill. Love you all!

Darcie said...

Happy Birthday to Abe!!! Goodness...I think he was 18 months old when we started blogging back and forth. Abe the Babe, I think was his title. ;-)

And you and Bill are celebrating another year of unity? Happy Anniversary!!!

Love and hugs.

Sarah N. said...

I can't believe Abe is 7! I guess that makes sense since we have been in Auburn for 7 years! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

I like the quilt - of course!

Love you!

If you haven't already - go check out my blog. It is a Nina-kinda day!