Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whadda day!

  • Man, am I beat! Up early. Had a Dr. appointment. I don't know why I always schedule them so early! Guess I just want to get them over with. I do get nervous about them. Shouldn't, but I do. Everything went great.

  • Had lunch with the Wayward Fabric Club- which was yummy and so much fun. But then we needed to help Tanya organize her shop for the big "Going Out Of Business" sale. We just tried to stay upbeat and promised not to make Tanya cry. But it is a sad thing when the local quilt shop has to close. The quilt guild(of which I am no part) has been less than supportive and the economy stinks so... I picked out a bit of fabric at 50% off and plan on helping her out over the next few weeks as she tries to sell as much as possible. The Quilter's Toy Box looks great, and if you're in the area...

  • Ran by JoAnn's and used a 50% off coupon to replenish my batting supply. Tanya carries Dream cotton and I might pick up a few of those, but I really like Warm and Natural batting. It doesn't stretch and is cooler than poly batting. I might set out a few backings for myself, as well. She has some really lovely ones.

  • Now, I came home late. Bekah wants me to put that in. I think she is holding a grudge. I will have to make it up to her tomorrow. Tonight, I am thinking to put my aching feet up and watch a movie. Don't I sound ambitious?


Sarah N. said...

Aww...I am so sad about Tonya. You are so sweet to help her.

Hope you enjoyed your movie night last night!

Today I am going to go pick out the fabrics for the quilt class I am teaching. Need to get started on the store sample ASAP. Also need to hit Hobby Lobby for some folded fabric Christmas ornaments I am demonstrating at November's guild meeting. I would be glad to sign you up to give a trunk show next year at our guild! I would even give you free room and board! And a chinese buffet for lunch. And shrimp for dinner. And lots of hugs!

Love you and miss you!

Peni said...

Whew!! Wears me out just thinking about it! Poor Bekah...but isn't it nice to know you're missed! You'll both have fun "working it out" today. The quilt pictured below is so much prettier today than it was before...maybe I'm more awake. It might even be a possibility for some of that birthday fabric...hmmm. Hope you're rested. XO mama

Darcie said...

You did have a big day! Hope you got to actually relax and enjoy the movie.

So sorry to hear that Tanya is having to close her doors. A new one will open for her, that I'm sure.

Love and hugs....