Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My "Mundane" Monday...

The past week has been anything but mundane, so it makes sense that Monday followed suit. Ever feel like there are just too many deadlines in life? Things that have to be done by this day and stuff that needs to be done by that day. I don't like it when it gets to be all about the deadlines. Some people call that motivation. I'm thinkin' its more of a pressure tank than I want to live in.

Finished the wedding quilt in time for the wedding shower. Carrie loved it and Miss Daisy, age 84y, chirped up that she was gonna get married. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the backing. Found a close up!
I tie dyed it a couple summers ago and Carrie was very happy about that. Apparently she has a thing for tie-dye. Who knew? Turned out all very well, I guess. The girls were holding the quilt up for me- too gloomy to try and take a picture inside. And too big, as well. They nearly went para-sailing. Another reason why I usually have the guys do that job- always windy it seems.

I hesitate to call this a "doily." It turned out rather larger than I expected. Three balls of thread- the most I've ever used in a doily. Most patterns indicate how large they are expected to be- all depending on how loose or how tight you crochet. This one didn't have that little detail, but I figured it would be large as there were 38 rounds. But I didn't figure on it being quite this large. 30." I'd rather it didn't hang down over the sides of my table. I started it last fall, but put it away at round 29. Shew, those bigger rounds can go on and on and on. After an extended breather, I picked it back up and finished it. Mom- the pattern is called "Burst" and you would make one about 5 inches bigger than mine.

Roadtrip! Spent Monday on the road with Sandy. We drove up to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and visited with our friend, Marsha. She gave me that vibrant purple batik. We all like to quilt and so we kept on driving to a little town that had a very charming quilt shop called, "Caroline's Cottage." The house was built in 1871 and was stuffed with all things yummy. She had a great variety and lots of patterns and tools. I was such a good girl and used herculean self-restraint. Honestly, I broke out in a sweat. I bought a few yards of clearance fabric at $5.79. How could I not bring that home? A girl can always use more neutrals. And I just couldn't turn my back on that fleshy batik. But I only got half a yard. See? I was really very good! We visited one more fabric shop that was quite sad. They were doing some close-out sales. I picked up a few 1/2y cuts at $4 a yard and two fat quarters for a dollar, each. We had lunch at a steakhouse- can't remember the last time I ate red meat. Then we followed up with Marsha's famous pumpkin roll. Pumpkin and spices and cream cheese. What's not to like?

Since we've already hit upon my hair woes...Rained all day yesterday. Marsha was freaking out a little over the damage it might do to her hair. 'Do you know how long it takes me to get it this big?" I shook my head over that one. The more it rains, the bigger my hair gets. And it's already bigger than the average head of hair. When people look through my wedding picture album, they are sure to laugh and say,"Look how big your hair was back then!' I raise one eyebrow and wait. They invariably look up to make the comparison. Eyes bug out and they say, "oh." I'm not stuck in the past or making a fashion statement from the '80's. I have a ton of curly hair and while it isn't stylishly straight, I've better things to do with an hour of my time than blow dry and flat iron that bushy head of hair. I'd rather be sewing. Every now and then I do make the effort to restrain it, but it's usually in the winter when the humidity is down and all my hard work isn't ruined in a few hours.

And yeah, my bathroom walls are orange. People rarely look up and notice that the ceiling is purple. Might as well have some fun- it's just another empty canvas. Have a great week!


teelduo said...

Oh How I love Miss Daisy! Thinking she deserves a quilt just for that comment! LOL

Yes you work so "hard" on that big hair and I have to get mine with a box. LOL

The quilt is beautiful! Glad she loved it, of course who wouldn't?

Love you!

Peni said...

About rows and rows...I'm now working on "Tea Time" - 35 rows that will probably seem interminable, but I hope will not be larger than your pretty burst. But the table likes it, I think. The quilt is very lovely; one marriage will do me nicely; the fabric would make anyone drool; and I do love your bushy red head to pieces. Always have, always will.

Angela said...

Thank you for the package. She loved the doily and I loved all the extra goodies!! Thank you for your generosity. The new doily is really pretty. I think you can call it whatever you want even if it is bedspread size. It is your's! :o)

Sarah N. said...

I have had several comments from older ladies at church that they would have another baby if it gets them a quilt! I LOVE the BQ quilt pattern.

Miss you!

Isobel said...

I am thinking that I would not have another baby for 10 quilts. I am quite happy to just love the grandchildren and great grandbabies that are coming along.

THe quilt is beautiful.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Another gorgeous doily!

Karen said...

When I was 17, I crocheted a pineapple doily but it turned out table cloth size. I don't know how that happened. A relative loved it and I gave it to her. My first crochet project!