Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday's Whine of the Week...

Climate control. We sure are a spoiled nation. In the winter, it would be a fate worse than death to actually get cold. And in summer, it would be a crying shame to actually get hot. Living in an old farm house, I'm a little more in touch with weather reality. But that puts me in a tough spot when it comes to those who have control over theirs. I have to wear t-shirts in the winter and sweaters in the summer because of what I consider
excessive use of air conditioning and heating. I'm trying to be reasonable here. I really am. And I won't be whining about the waste of energy and environmental issues. But some of these cases are absolutely beyond ridiculous.

Air conditioning. Its the quintessential
Monk situation. "It's a blessing... and a curse." Love how air conditioning takes the humidity out of a room. Keeps things from being all sticky. Love how it enables us to do strenuous work without popping out in a sweat. (I've heard it said that men sweat and women glow. What a bunch of hooey. Most of us sweat when the air is heavy with moisture and the temps are high. Good old-fashion sweat.) And air conditioning off-sets the heat from the oven or clothes dryer so that the weather doesn't interfere with our daily lives. Gotta love that. Truly a boon to civilization. That's the "blessing" side of the equation.

The "curse." Overzealous air conditioning. Have you ever gone into a restaurant or store and felt that familiar chill run up and down your spine? I won't be doing much exercise in these situations and doubt a lot of other people will be doing so either. Brrrr... I don't go anywhere without my jacket. Can't tell you how many I've misplaced and lost. And even though I hate being overly warm, I hate being overly cold almost as much. I'm not talking about being slightly chilled. I'm talkin' about the kind of cold that puts you at risk of suffering from frostbite. Something truly arctic.

This seems to be more prevalent in Northern climates. I guess if you live in the South you have a higher tolerance for heat and it takes less air conditioning to make them comfortable. Whereas Northers have a phobia about being too warm. Oh the humanity! Studies have shown that the average person is comfortable at about 72*. Of course there aren't too many "average" people out there, so some are going to be too cool and some are going to be too warm. I get that. A little warm or a little cool. Seems all very reasonable to me. You can't please everyone. But you set that thermostat at 68*... You're pleasing a very small segment of the population and I don't happen to be in it. What a bummer. So it's my personal whine. I'm too cold at many restaurants, movie theaters, and stores to be able to relax and enjoy myself. No, I am not one of those cold-natured people who always have icy cold hands. Honest, I'm not. To be fair, in restaurants, I only add to the problem by drinking iced tea. Love the stuff. Drink about a gallon a day. I guess if I worked really hard I could learn to like coffee. I could see where the excessive amount of air conditioning might be off-set by drinking scalding coffee. I just don't want to. So there. I'll continue to sit in a jacket, shoulders hunched, hands clutched between my knees trying to conserve body heat.

I felt kinda guilty about whining on this particular Wednesday. But it's tradition and I do so love traditions. Why did I feel guilty? It was my 24th wedding anniversary and I've already expressed how much I love and adore my sweet William. I don't want to be with anyone else or anywhere else. A truly blessed life. So I have nothing of true substance to whine about. But picking on silly little things
is a whole lot of fun.

I went to Joann's yesterday and came away with this gorgeous rainbow of fabrics. Admit it, even if you don't particularly care for orange, it made you smile. Got a project in the works. Hope, hope hope it turns out like I ...hope. Anyway, after lunch, I try to get into my car and the doors are locked. I have to confess, I never lock my doors. Ever. Trust me when I say that my car isn't at risk of being stolen. I think we paid $600 for it a couple years ago. And before I get a lecture on personal safety, I never get in without checking the back seat- can't figure how people always fall into that situation in the movies... You know, they get in and shocker! some one is in the back seat with a gun... maybe it's because they always lock their doors and assume no one is in the back seat... yeah, I bet that's it. I digress. So my car doors are uncharacteristically locked. Unlocking and getting in, I notice a big box between the seats. A serger with a love note on top! He is the most darling man ever. Took a break in work to buy and deliver it for me. How sweet was that? Being Will, he got a great deal, so I'm trying not to feel too guilty to be on the receiving end of such a generous gift.


Sarah N. said...

You do have a very sweet husband!

As far as too hot vs. too cold - I would rather be cold than hot. I can always put on more clothes, quilts, etc. - but sometimes you can't take off enough clothes to cool off - especially of you are concerned at all about modesty!

Glad you had a nice anniversary. Naomi and Grant are in Charleston celebrating their 20th. I am jealous!

Love you!

Tamara said...

do your wait person a favor, complain if your cold!! i work in a restaurant and during busy times you work up a sweat! alot of places the waitresses (and there is always that menopausal one) have control over the ac. They don't notice the cold cuz they are working and running, but they do want you to be happy and comfortable. I always try to notice someone shivering with 2 jackets on, but sometimes your busy and dont notice.... so do them a favor and complain!

Peni said...

What a man!Don't feel guilty - just ENJOY! (That was what the giver intended, I'm sure.)

Shasta said...

I agree with you about the temperature thing - at work we have temperature wars, and I wind up having sweat freeze and melt on my skin throughout the day. Happy Anniversary! I think it would be fun to play with a serger.

Isobel said...

I generally take a sweatshirt jacket or at least a long sleeved shirt when we go to the local deli for dinner in the summertime. I know it is going to be COOL. I figure it must be just about right though for those people slaving in the kitchen and over the grill so I dont day anything. I want the cooks to be happy.

Love the locked car part of your story. What a great gift. He is such a thoghtful person. You surely picked a winner.