Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Mundane Monday...
Feeding frenzy!!! Pictures galore. Thought I might should show some restraint and post just a few at a time, but where would be the fun in that? It's not like I won't be taking more. I did hold back two for my Friday Favorites post. Let's dive in, shall we?
Fall has arrived. We had one day of leaves for the children. The winds clear them away in short order. Don't even own a rake. God has provided one. You'll notice Abe's goofy face- that's why I always use pictures of him as my Wednesday Whine- no need to pose him. He just has a way of being a doofus.

Been busy making bee blankets. I just love saying that. "So Nines, what have you been up to?" "Oh, I've been making bee blankets." Making them is the easy part- tucking them in...now that's the challenge. Our friend, Malcolm, keeps bees and he wanted some blankets for his hives- helps keep the moisture out in winter and keeps them from getting stressed when you open the box- no popping. Something like that. They had to be made exactly the right size- down to the 1/8th of an inch. My new serger worked lovely for the task.

Dawn and night skies. When the sun rises this window covering glows. Love that. Makes me smile when I get up. It covers the window in the door that leads to my porch- directly across from my bed. The moon was showing off the other night- lighting up the clouds around it.

Mending jeans...sigh. Not my favorite thing to do. Son John is a monkey and he's been helping his dad work on a couple friends' roofs. (How do you pronounce "roof"? Around here we say "ruff." Funny, huh?) He is very "ruff" on his knees. And they get so stained. No point in buying new ones as he will ruin them in a couple days- so they get patches. The only way to patch knees in pants with such long legs is to rip out the side of the legs- the one that isn't a flat felt seam.  You just can't get the sewing machine down the leg far enough. I usually do the ripping once I get settled into bed for the night. Not too bad of a chore, but don't tell John that. I want him to appreciate my hard work. With six sons, patching jeans could be a full time job.

A day at Bob and Jane's farm. These pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  Thought my dad would like the picture of the the spiffy tractor:

Isn't that pretty? A garden decoration made from a plate and a couple bowls with a fancy vintage door knob in the middle. All glued together with some kind of clear heavy-duty glue. The stem is a painted length of rebar. I want one!

You lookin at me?  Why yes I are!

Did you make it all the way down here? Well that deserves a chance at a little reward. I was going through my project bin and decided that this project wasn't one I wanted to finish up. Time to pass it on. The blocks are pretty, but just not me(you know I usually prefer more vivid colors) and I don't know anyone who would like the primitive style. (There's a primitive wallhanging I'll be giving away before Christmas- If that's your style, stay tuned for that.) I have 13 out of the 15 blocks sewn and the patterns and fabrics for the remaining two blocks packaged up. The blocks measure 5" finished. I'm also including almost a yard of some coordinating Moda fabrics. The project is Cheri's "Soot and Ashes" design and I've included her website and dates so that you can check out how she arranged it- or you can do your own thing. You could probably get it done in time for a Christmas gift... Just indicate in your comment that you'd like it- if there's more than one, I'll draw a name. It's good to be back!


Peni said...

Dad LOVES the tractor, and asks, "Where is that?" ... tell the owners to lock it up, so they won't find he's swapped it out for his bedraggled version.

Love it all Nina. Look who's sitting so poised at the edge of the leave pile. (And the bee blankets are just too cool).

Glad you're back in all your glory!

Sandy Vanhorn said...

Love your posts and enjoy seeing your pictures. The kids a precious.
The wall hanging is beautiful. I love the blocks and the colors.
In case you do not know, I am your mother's first cousin. I enjoy so much reading both your posts and keeping up with family.

Lindah said...

Haha! I need to get me one of them rakes from God. So far, He has just said I've given you the energy; get to it. :-)
Loved your pix, especially the leaf one with the kiddos. I always enjoy those. My how they are growing!
Your blocks are beautiful --such a lot of work! Are you sure you don't want to finish them and gift them? I know someone who would treasure a sampler quilt in just that color scheme. If you are set on giving the blocks away, I will be glad to take the off your hands.
That photo of the jeans is daunting. Likewise, would be the thought of DH and sons on the roofs. (I'm heights challenged anyway.)
May God fill you with the energy and stamina to keep on keeping up with your wonderful family.

Synthia said...

What a wonderful offer. I would love to have your beautiful blocks and would give them a good home.