Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nines is frustrated and she's walking away until she gets some tech support.

Funny thing... I hate tedious. Weird, 'cause I love to quilt and let's face it- quilting seems to be pretty accurately described as "tedious." And maybe if I were sewing a gajillion half inch triangles together... yeah, I could see where that would be a game I wouldn't be playing. I'd leave that to someone else.

I find figuring out the mysterious language of computers tedious. I just do. My computer died last week. Something with the hard drive. So a friend is working on that. Meanwhile- six hours before it died, he gave us an older computer. Talk about weird. But timely. Works good. Just can't figure out how to upload pictures. And wouldn't ya know? I've got a lot of pictures to share. Supposed to get my other computer back tonight, so maybe in the next few days someone(else) will figure out how to re-install some software and I'll be able to post with pictures. I hear they're worth a thousand words- and with me already being gabby... pictures are good.

Be talkin' to ya! ~nines


Peni said...

We miss you when you're gone ... more than we miss most, I dare say. Hope your tedium ends soon. XOXO mama

Susan said...

I guess that's taking longer than expected! I hope you're back soon.