Friday, November 25, 2011

Feelin' the stripes...

I'm looking forward to working with these stripes.  Lots of hot pink, acid green and bright turquoise. (If "You'll know a leopard by it's spots"  will you "...know a tiger by it's stripes?"  And isn't that saying you'll know someone by how he looks instead of by how he acts and isn't that unfair to said leopard or tiger? But I suppose it's an easy way to differentiate between a leopard and a tiger... Anyway...) There's a pattern in that calender Will got me that would work great with these.  Mix 'em with some hand-dyeds and maybe throw in a couple polka dots.  yeah, that'll work.


"Labyrinth"  Calico Carriage Quilt Designs by Debbie Maddy

Gotta an issue with this quilt.  Like the design.  I just used fabrics from my stash.  Now, you know I'm not the biggest fan of borders- but don't you think this is all a bit much?  There are "only" three borders on the sides- (the ones on the outside edge) two small and one wide.  I'm OK with that.  But you'll notice that the top and bottom have an additional two borders... the center is square so they needed to make it rectangle shaped... I'm just not convinced that it needs to be 20" longer than it is wide.  It finishes out at 90"x110."  Doesn't that seem too long?  What think ye?  I'm pondering the idea of removing about half of the brown upper and lower border... do you think that would look too cheesy?  That's a lot of stripes... If I had it to do over- and I will make this pattern again- I'll just change the size of the three outer borders at the top and bottom of the quilt- keeping it more simple.  The pattern didn't have a picture of the queen size quilt or else I would have said, "I don't think so." 

And considering how much I just love and adore putting on borders I'm so looking forward to working on changing these. sigh

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Angela said...

Not like I am an expert, but I think it is too bordery myself. Too many different stripeys going on. The center is lovely though.