Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joe- the handy man.  Fixed my leaky fridge, cleaned out the garage and the cellar and installed a sump pump.  Nothing like an older brother to "motivate" the younger ones

Laurie- aka the Pied Piper

Daniel- always a joy to have at home- even tried some Black Friday shopping out of love for his Dad- don't think that will be happening again is his lifetime
loved ones...

Had all of the children under our roof sometime during the past couple of weeks.  Not simultaneously, but that's OK- hoping to catch them all at the dinner table late next month.

Gonna get three quilts bound, today.  Oh yes I am!  Our nephew and niece called Thanksgiving day with the very happy news that they are expecting a baby in July. I was playing around with quilting a baby quilt- my Dad tweaked the quilting machine during his visit. Figure the new baby should get that quilt.  Just an everyday kind of one. The other two are seasonal and it would be awfully nice to finish those out for this season instead of next year's.  So I'm off! 

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Peni said...

Nothing quite so precious as having children under your feet/roof ... never changes. Glad you have more to anticipate.