Saturday, November 05, 2011

Friday Favorites....

Just snagging a minute in between kitchen time.  Company for lunch, dinner and another lunch- all in two days.  Love it, but the ole dogs are barkin'- time to sit- but only for a minute!  Yes, I'm feeling 100% better, so thanks for asking.

The Pilot Frixion pen. This is my favorite pick for the week.  I'm confident that it'll be one of your favorites, too.  If you sew or quilt, this little product must find it's place into your box of tools.  I love mine!!  This pen isn't advertized as a sewing notion- but a pen that's erasable with the little rubber tip at the end.  Apparently, it creates friction on the paper and erases the pen.  But what is friction?  You're so smart!  Yep, it's heat.  Draw all you want on fabric and just glide over it with your iron.  Completely disappears.  And I mean completely.  No trace, no shadow, no nothin'!!  way cool.


You don't have to press and scrub with the iron, either. Think about it, if a little friction from a rubber tip makes it dissappear, just how amazing an iron would work.  (I haven't tried it but I can almost gaurantee that the clothes dryer would work, as well.) Can you imagine the applications?  Quilting lines, embroidery lines, applique tracing, placement marks, any marks on fabric that you don't want to be permanant. 

Wanna know another reason I love mine?  You can pick up a package of three- in different colors- for just about $5 at Target. (red, blue, black) They come in other colors, also- different set.  But what a great deal.  You might think that it doesn't take much to make me happy, but these little pens pack a lotta bang for the buck.


Isobel said...

What a great idea. Where did you get this little wonder?

Peni said...

Just what I need ... I've been writing in pencil forever, because I make too many mistakes in pen. There's hope. And just think about those quilt labels I've been trying to underlay with paper form. Cool.