Saturday, November 12, 2011

Middle border to piece yet

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Felt real good to spend the morning sewing.  Been awhile.  Too long, really.  And yes, I've other things I should be doing- who doesn't?  But I'm feelin' pretty good about not starting anything new but working on something that had already been stashed away for quite some time.  All I did was sew the blocks together and cut some strips for an inner border.  A modest accomplishment. Sometimes you need a morning like that. The sun was even shining for me. So I did my little bit, left a note for myself and boxed it back up.  Might have to reward myself with starting something new... ya never know.


anne bebbington said...

Love these blocks - simple but so effective

Peni said...

Really like the dark/light contrast. Give me ideas for my set of 4-patch disappearing blocks. XO

Elaine Adair said...

I feel blessed that I have an enquiring mind, which leads to peeking around the next corner. Very seldom am I bored. THanks Mom!

You have encouraged YOUR children to be NOT bored. What a blessed gift. How I to hear kids/adults talk about how dull their lives are -- wahh, wahh, wahhh!

@design_love said...

You can put it away for now, but only if you promise to let us see it when it is done! Aunt Peni's right - the contrasting blocks are absolutely beautiful (and you are so talented!)