Friday, November 11, 2011

Abe's color-coded my pins- I feel guilty if I don't put them back in the proper place.
 Changin' Tunes...

Seeing how this is the month of special thanksgiving, I've decided to suspend my whining.  Never fear, I'm keeping a list for future reference.  But in the spirit of the season, I'd like to spend some time being thankful.  A thankful heart is a happy heart and I've got plenty to be thankful for.  Mind you, this week's thanksgivings might could double as a whine... old habits die hard and all that. 

My house is scattered with the evidence of my very creative children.  Every nook and cranny spills over with their imaginative activities.  They make me smile and it's nice to see that they aren't being stagnant little lumps of mashed couch potatoes.  And I won't say it, but you can see where this might have it's drawbacks.  I won't say it, no I won't.  But a picture paints a thousand words so let the evidence speak for itself.  
Eva's adorable homemade doll- on top of a quilt I'm gonna get to, next.

Joe's metal sculpture- I can't find the right way to display it... so it sits on Grandma's hutch..

One of John's mysterious inventions- in the cd collection.

One of Jacob's knives- tucked in with my wall quilts.
Bekah's collage- how cool is that?  On my design wall.

John's efforts in making notebook covers- scattered over his sewing desk.

Eva's artwork- on my quilting room desk.

A collection of Abe's paper airplanes- in the walkway.

But blessings all the same and I am very thankful for the frequent reminders of these people who are so very precious to me.  I'd enjoy hearing about one of your "everyday" blessings.


Sara said...

An "everyday" blessing for me today was DH saying "Shall we go for a walk this afternoon?" That's because I don't go out to walk by myself, and I need to do this to keep ahold of my mobility, especially my arthritis-aching knees. He is my blessing for helping me be disciplined.

Peni said...

Incredibly creative children ... considering the fact their mama is the most creative person of my acquaintance, that is not surprising. I'll let my blessing be seeing those creative leftover messes:)