Monday, December 31, 2012

All of my girls. L-R: Laurie, Eva, Bekah, Mel, and Mary

The tortilla assembly line.

Our whole family: Back row L-R: Dan,John,Paul. Front row L-R: Laurie,Eva,Joe,Mary,Jacob,Abe,Nines,Bekah,Will
Nines' Feast...

My feast is the last one of the season.  (Paul has been in Alabama for the past six months, so we might be able to get his feast in before he leaves on his next trip.) I'm 45- thought it only fair since I mentioned everyone elses' age. I'm letting my gray hair grow out, today.  I might change my mind, tomorrow. I'm emotional- I cry when I hear/read a story I like. I especially love to hear about people's stories- I'm never bored.  I don't laugh at jokes, but I do laugh when I find something funny.  I love to do things with my hands- gardening- especially flowers, quilting, crocheting.  I have to set time limits for myself in those areas, because I can do them for hours on end. I can only input information for about two hours, tops. So seminars and lectureships are completely wasted on me. I'm a sponge for minutiae- I am filled with useless bits of information but find it all very fascinating. But, because of the limited attention span, ya better get to the point relatively quickly.  I don't much care for being told how I should do things, but I like being told how things are done.  I love snow.  My husband, Will, is my favorite person.  I am amazed by my children in so many ways. How can eight people be so different when they spent the majority of their lives together?  They fascinate me and I find each of them absolutely delightful. I am so proud of them and the people they are, but when others mention what a good parent I am, I look at them as if they are aliens.  I tried, I did, but it's a very gracious God who smoothed over all of my mistakes.  And I made so very many. Praise be to God for His grace!  I am happiest when in their company.  I'm blessed- my cup overflows.

I never keep my feast a secret because I don't like being sequestered from the family. I invoked the five girls' help with my meal. What a delight to have them all bustling around the kitchen, chopping vegetables, getting things into serving bowls and on the buffet in the dining room. Eva and Bekah decorated the table for me with bright table clothes, oil lamps and crepe paper.  The three oldest girls made tortillas.  I whipped up the dough and they rolled and grilled and pressed and twirled.  Mary showed them how it was done. When Mary dusted the front of her shirt off, saying she got flour on herself, she stopped and said, "Hey!  I've got an apron now!  She went to her little pile of presents and pulled out her apron I made for her with dogs on it- she's an animal lover.  And then all of the girls scattered and came back wearing their aprons. I think I've never seen anything more adorable than all five of them in their aprons, with specially made hand towels hanging from the side loops- embroidered with cupcakes to match. The rest of the prep work we all shared. So we had tortillas, meat, refried beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, salsa(Mary made), sour cream, black olives, jalapenos and I don't remember what else.  And there was ketchup for Will because he eats Gringo tacos. I made hot fudge pudding cake a couple hours later because everyone was too stuffed to eat anymore right after dinner.  All in all, I think it was tasty and it was such a thrill to have them all sitting at the table.


Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

Do not let the lack of comments misguide you...I have tried several times to have full paragraphs float off into cyberspace. Perhaps others have had the same experience? I'm pretty certain you are still well read.

And you do have exceedingly beautiful girls - inside and out, just like their mama Nines.liatih

Lucy said...

You have a beautiful family Nines.