Thursday, January 17, 2013

After- notice the cloud of batting.  It had to go somewhere.

Before- yeah, it's a mess.  But I got a lot done!

My new assistant

Finished top
Out in the quiltin' room...

OK.  Was kinda busy during the holiday season. I made most of the kids' gifts.  And well, when I'm whirling around like a dervish... picking up after myself just seems so... pointless.  I know it serves a purpose, really.  I do. But when I'm all wrapped up in the moment, I just can't seem to pause and change gears and divert my attention away from the task at hand.  I just need to make clearing clutter a "task at hand," huh?  And here I am shamelessly sharing the disheveled state of my space.  But if I didn't share the "before" picture than you wouldn't be able to share in my joy at the new organization I've accomplished. Fabric is back in the bins, the horizontal surfaces are cleared of all non-essential personnel, floor swept. I even cleared a space on the shelf next to my table(which I also changed out.  Musical tables around here.  The sewing table went into the kitchen.  The kitchen table went into the dining room and the dining room table went into the sewing room.  Wasn't sure it would all work out and I was dreading returning everything back to it's original station... But all's well.  I might be able to get sweet William to build me a new dining room table... the present one will suffice, but it looks a little pathetic.) I stowed my favorite, most used machines- the Singer 301, the Singer serger, the Singer Featherweight, and the Brother Project Runway on the newly vacated shelf.  I labeled all the pedals and stowed them in a Rubbermaid drawer on the shelf below the machines.  It's working beautifully.

As you can tell, I have a relatively new companion in the quilting room.  Will has been doing some quilting for me. And so, I "have" to stay out there with him so that I can answer any questions he might have, right?  (I tore my rotator cuff and my bicep tendon-making pushing the quilting machine around less than entirely pleasant.  No worries.  I've had one steroid shot and looks like I'll need at least one more.  Rotator feels great, bicep tendon, not so much.  Guess how I injured myself?  Now this should be a cautionary tale to all quilters.  I was folding a quilt.  Yep, pop!  I felt kinda silly about that.  But it is what it is. Doing the shots and physical therapy and some day soon, I may even be able to pull up my jeans with both hands.  It's the little things you miss when you don't have them.)  Will is doing great at the whole quilting thing.  He hasn't attempted free-handing, yet.  I think he was kinda intimidated but now that he's used to the noise and everything, he's ready.  He loves it and even says he's hooked. If you know my Will... you'd see how... strange... that whole sentence is.  

So I've been productive in the areas of binding and finishing up projects. The applique is an example of a project that needed doing.  I started it last New Years, and kinda got bored with all that applique. Didn't plan on finishing as I was pretty certain I'd get bored again.  Amazingly, not.  And that braided border was a blast.  I'd never done one before and I am pretty sure I'll use it again.  One problem with this project... What, exactly, does one do with a quilt measuring 55" square?  Seems too small for a throw, and too big for a wall hanging.  I'm thinking.  The rod over the piano might work...but I think it'll seem kinda disproportionately short.  Still thinking.  And, realistically, I have plenty of time to decide as it isn't quilted or bound, yet.  It got stowed in a tub and will re-emerge some day.

See ya!


Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

I suppose you get that too busy to pick up thing after your Papa and the moving furniture thing after me. But don't you just love having new organization! And it is January after all.

I agree, you need to keep an eye on Will out there in quilt room. :)

The applique is just gorgeous!!! The way the bordered braiding frames it all is stunning. You'll find a place for it somewhere I'm sure...meanwhile you should lock it up, else it will be stolen right out from under your nose. Who could resisit?

anne bebbington said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder - that sort of injury is usually sports induced like rugby - who would've thought quilting could be so dangerous - gotta love that batting cloud :)

Sarah said...

It is really only fitting that Bill should like using the quilting machine after all the research he did to find it for us and then go pick it up and move it - several times!!! I mentioned your bins of unquilted tops yesterday when I was doing a little show and tell for a 2nd grade class. This week they are reading a story about a quilt so I volunteered to come in and do a little talk . Anyway I was telling them about the ugly quilt blocks I gave you and then how I wanted to steal back the quilt top after you turned it into something beautiful! I am talking to two more classes next week and another class the following week.

Love you and miss you!