Saturday, May 25, 2013

Six of our youngest kids in the loft at Grandmother and Grandfather's.
Left to right: Bekah 12, Abe 9, Evabeth 14, Paul 18, John 16, Jacob 20.

Vertical landscape outside the window

Blenko Glass from Sweet William
Honey, I'm Home!!!

We arrived home, safely, late last night.  We had a wonderful time, but there's no place like home. 

We saw beautiful country and shared some special times with family.  Some of the things I miss about living in West Virginia is the smell of woodsmoke floating through the air, the quiet of the forests(lots of bright green ferns), and the ever-present potential opportunities for some highly entertaining people watching.  My favorite part of my week was the evening activities.  We had evening singings and devotionals and afterwards, my nieces and nephews would gather at our cabin and stay up 'til 2-3am playing cards and laughing in loud whoops and hollers.  Music to my ears.  I would retire much earlier with a good book, but after I would doze off,  I'd be frequently awakened by their laughter and my heart would just smile and I'd fall back asleep.  I'm still smiling while I'm thinking of it.

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