Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thank you, Sylvia!!
Birthday Loot!

I got home from Oregon in time for my birthday.  And look at what I got in the mail!  Sylvia sent me the sweetest package of orange batiks!  And can you see that small wool penny on a paper clip on top of the card? How fun!  Of course, the first thing I had to sew upon my return from Oregon was a block from them. I have enough to make five more blocks and I think with some sashing, borders and such, it'll be enough for a throw-sized quilt.  I just love the fabrics, Sylvia- It was beyond thoughtful and kind and good of you to bless my day!

My other birthday gifts:

so me...

The sewing machine(which needs a functioning foot pedal- no problem, I have plenty,) a vintage Ransburg hand painted pottery cookie jar and tin breadbox are from my sweet William and the pool float is from my dear sis-in-law, Rebecca.  I raked it in.  We had a movie night and ate cake. I had an amazing day.  God has been so good to bless me with friends and family who are so easily lovable and, for some unfathomable reason, love me.  

 Fabric purchase from Oregon...

Well, yeah, they're orange.  And they were on clearance.  There was a great quilt shop in Canby, Oregon.  I'm sorry I don't remember the name... but it's the only one there, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

Find of the decade...

Rotary blades for a dollar, each.  This little pack of two rotary blades runs $2 at Harbor Freight!  They are called "Carpet Cutter Blades" but they are the same ones we quilters use- they're sharp and stay sharp and with the price of rotary cutter blades- they are about $5 per blade, here- you can't beat this deal and we can afford to stock up.  So hit that store, friends!

Problem child...

Weird child.  Just plain ugly child... What can I say?  Not every quilt turns out to be... well, I'd settle for tolerable. I was using up these little bits of bleach resist fabric we made up a few years ago.  It sat in a bin for a few more years(time flies!)  I figured I could always cut the hideous thing into nubbin' blocks, but then... Truthfully, I think son #5 will dig it.  It's quite masculine, dontcha think?  OK, don't comment on this little foible. I quilted and bound it and I hung this small wall hanging(about 18" square) by his bed while he's working with his dad, this morning.  Hope he likes it when he gets home or else... well I haven't an idea of what else.
problem child...

Kelli's back yard

Home again, home again...

Jiggety jog! I sure did enjoy my vacation in Oregon these past two weeks. We spent every evening sitting on the back patio- until the mosquitoes came out- though, to be honest, Oregon mosquitoes are tame, indeed.

West Virginia carnivorous misquitoes
(Indiana mosquitoes are monster big and leave a goose egg size knot, but West Virginia mosquitoes are tiny little creatures, but don't let that fool ya- they'll nibble you to death and leave you itchy for weeks. I digress...Where was I? Oh, Oregon.) There's not enough room here to say what all we did- Krav Maga, kick boxing, hand gun training- I was merely a spectator- Kelli is the one you don't want to rile. We shopped, and ate at "plant-based" restaurants. I'm thinking our town could use a place like that. We went to the beach and ate Nepalese food- yummo!- and taffy. It was cold and windy, but beautifully sunny. Just plain ole had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Depoe Beach

Nines, Kelli, Ashlee


Synthia said...

I'm so pleased that my little surprise for you was also a birthday surprise. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Glad you had such a nice vacation and were able to experience so many of Oregon's wonderful sights while you were here.

Pamela (Peni) Teel said...

Love that you're having so much FUN! And I'll be pushin' Papa for a trip to Harbor Freight for those Carpet Cutter Blades,

imas said...

wow really cool batiks you have
nice patterns of orange batik