Saturday, January 02, 2016

L-R Dan, Sonia, Laurie, Joe, Phil, Eva, Bekah, Kim, Paul, John, Mary, Jacob, (Abe- who didn't quite get in the frame)

Nines Feast...

Well, this is it.  The conclusion of Feast Days 2015.  Kinda hate to see it go.  But we sure did have fun. 

My feast is always a simple affair.  I don't have a theme or give gifts.  I just cook all day long.  Which is fun for me.  I don't curtain off the kitchen and keep the menu a surprise.  What's the fun in being sequestered from my beautiful family?  I fixed a turkey and ham dinner with all the fixings.  So much food we had to string it along the counter and then the stove and then the counter some more.  But, that's a lot of people needing to eat. 18 in all.

William and Nines
Joe and Laurie
Dan and Sonia
Jacob and Mary, Esther and Lidia
Paul and Kimberly, Onesimus

My whole family with their feet under the table.  That's a good feeling and I admit to sobbing my head off after the prayer.  How embarrassing, but it couldn't be helped.  I was just that happy. Can you imagine a day when all of my friends and family will have their feet "under the table?"  I want to make sure you're all there.  Hear God's word and believe it.  Confess what you believe. Turn away from the wrong that you've done. Wash those things away with baptism.  Live a new life. I'll be sobbing my head off with joy when you get there.  


Sarah said...

I miss having my feet under the same table as you - at the Chinese place or at the sewing table! Love you and miss you, girl!!

Nines said...

Love you too. Miss you every day.

julieQ said...

Wonderful!!! Just sounds divine...Happy New year!!

mamasmercantile said...

Memories to treasure and relive time and time again. Wonderful to have everyone together I would have cried too. Best wishes for the New Year.

Lindah said...

Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing the festivities with us. I always love that.
Looking forward to That Day. 'til then, God bless and keep you.